Sarah M. Iepson, Community College of Philadelphia

Paper Title: “Amplifying the Quiet Radicalism of Frances Macdonald MacNair”

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One thought on “2020 Virtual Conference: Sarah M. Iepson

  1. Hi Sarah– I was not aware of Frances MacDonald’s work, just Margaret’s. Thank you for this. Her figures, especially in the Pond, reminded me immediately of Jan Toorop’s symbolist elongated figures with flowing hair, as in the The Three Brides of 1893. He was a Dutch Indonesian painter who married British woman Annie Hall in 1886 and spent time b/ the Hague, England, and Brussels. I wonder if he had contact with MacDonald? He painted in various Impressionist styles too, and it is c. 1893 that his figures take on the qualities she portrays. Just curious about their similarities and connections.–Janice Simon

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