Susan E. Cook, Southern New Hampshire University

Paper Title: “The New Family Album: Figuring the Disguised Mother”
Keywords: photography, novel, family, motherhood, absence

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2 thoughts on “2020 Virtual Conference: Susan E. Cook

  1. It is a really interesting subject, which I totally ignored before. Thank you that you call attention to it.
    If I understood correctly “hidden mothers” was a fixed term. It seems to me that the expression “hidden” for example as “hidden (female) work” appears often in recent literature, but until yet I never noticed a real historical, time based, provenance. I speculate that it is not solely a photographic term? Do you find contexts in gender instruction/educational literature of the same period? (Perhaps I didn’t really understand all remarks.). Best wishes Susanne

    1. I think I may have inadvertently deleted my own comment there…I agree, Susanne. The term “hidden mother” is used today to describe a photographic trend, but certainly the phenomenon extends beyond just photography. That’s why I’m interested in looking at nineteenth-century fiction, in particular. I will have to look for this phrase in educational literature, though, that’s a great suggestion. Incidentally, if anyone knows of this term “hidden mother” being used in the nineteenth century (particularly in relation to photography), please let me know!

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