See below for details, and if you are interested, please contact Beth Sheckler at by April 30, 2023.

Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, scholars are more reliant than ever on digital means to stay connected with other scholars, and to be informed about important matters related to our disciplines and the research and educational climate at large. At NCSA, we have been proactively increasing our digital presence to ensure that we are where our membership needs us to be, be it on the H-Net sites, listservs, (ever-changing) social media channels, or our own website. That said, being “digitally everywhere” is a massive undertaking, one that the NCSA board and membership acknowledged by expanding the Digital and Web Committee to be chaired by three positions responsible for different, but each essential, tasks. The Digital and Web Committee is now seeking additional hands from our membership to make lighter work for these endeavors! If you are interested in being more involved in supporting NCSA, this is an excellent opportunity to provide help where it is very much needed. 

We are seeking (each for a 3-year, one-time renewable term):

  • Up to 2 additional contributors to the NCSA Twitter, with preference for one such contributor to be directly involved in the Graduate Caucus, or interested in liaising directly with Grad Caucus leadership.
  • Up to 3 additional contributors to the NCSA Facebook. 
  • Up to 2 additional contributors to the NCSA Instagram.
  • Up to 2 additional members of the publicity committee for our summer and fall campaign in 2023 (this is an asynchronous task, but vital to getting the word out about our conference and our award cycles).
  • Up to 1 member to assist the Web Director gathering member publication for the website (Google form is already set up; this is a matter of getting the information regularly onto the relevant NCSA page and occasionally repeating the call for submission of such info).
  • Up to 2 contributors to help manage and evaluate our new NCSA social media aggregator account(s) (to be trained by Beth Sheckler). May also be contributors to any of the other currently held or open social positions above.

If you are a social media user for a channel not listed above, and you’d like to help NCSA explore new platforms, please feel welcome to write to Beth!