Amy Arbogast

Amy Arbogast is a PhD candidate in the History Department at the University of Rochester.  Her dissertation, which she plans to complete and defend this year, examines the emergence of professional playwriting in the United States from 1870 to 1908, investigating why professional playwrights did not exist prior to this era and what conditions developed … Continue reading Amy Arbogast

Joseph Acquisto

Joseph Acquisto is Professor of French at the University of Vermont.  This year, he published his third book, The Fall out of Redemption: Thinking and Writing Beyond Salvation in Baudelaire, Cioran, Fondane, Agamben, and Nancy, which claims that Baudelaire inaugurates a new kind of modernity by canceling the notion of redemption in his writing while also … Continue reading Joseph Acquisto

Linda Gertner Zatlin

Linda Gertner Zatlin is Professor of English at Morehouse College, where she teaches nineteenth-century British poetry, prose, and the novel. She has written two monographs on Aubrey Beardsley, Beardsley, Japonisme, and the Perversion of the Victorian Ideal (Cambridge University Press, 1997) and Aubrey Beardsley and Victorian Sexual Politics (Oxford University Press, 1990). With the British art critic Simon Wilson she … Continue reading Linda Gertner Zatlin

Caroline McCracken-Flesher

Caroline McCracken-Flesher is a Professor of English at the University of Wyoming. Though primarily a Victorianist, she researches extensively in pursuit of the novel, and in every direction in Scottish Studies. Her books include Possible Scotlands: Walter Scott and the Story of Tomorrow (Oxford, 2005), The Doctor Dissected: A Cultural Autopsy of the Burke and Hare Murders (Oxford, 2012) and … Continue reading Caroline McCracken-Flesher

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams is the Visiting Assistant Professor in the John V. Roach Honors College and the 2014-2015 Honors Professor of the Year at Texas Christian University. Her areas of specialization include nineteenth-century British literature and culture, poetry, and gender studies. Her book, George Eliot, Poetess (Ashgate 2014), represents the first full-length study of the poetry of George … Continue reading Wendy Williams

Kerry Dean Carso

Kerry Dean Carso is chair and associate professor of art history at the State University of New York at New Paltz in the mid-Hudson Valley, where she teaches courses on American art and architecture. Her research focuses on interconnections between the arts and literature in the nineteenth-century United States. She is the author of American Gothic Art and … Continue reading Kerry Dean Carso