Dear 2020 NCSA Conference Participants,

We are, once again, deeply saddened that we have had to cancel our March 2020 conference in Rochester, NY.  We look forward each year to meeting in person with friends and colleagues, to the invigorating exchange of ideas, and to the professional development opportunities afforded by this conference.  Next year, our conference will continue as planned in Sacramento, CA.  In 2022, we will return to Rochester.  Our theme in Rochester 2022 will remain Radicalism and Reform, and we hope you will all be able to join us to present your research at that time.

We recognize that Rochester is now two years away and that many of you may need presentations for job market, promotion, or other professional development reasons before that time.  We also recognize that many of you are working on longer projects and would benefit from feedback from colleagues at this juncture.  While digital presentations—particularly those created under the strains many of us are experiencing at the moment—are no replacement for in-person discussions, we will be facilitating a virtual presentation or paper option for all conference participants.  The virtual presentations/papers will be due by midnight on Tuesday, 3/24.  They will all be uploaded to members-only pages on our NCSA website and will be available for one week for others to view and make comments or pose questions.

These digital presentations are in no way required.  If you elect to upload a paper or video of yourself presenting your work, you will receive a conditional acceptance to the Rochester conference in 2022, provided you have new or continued research to present at that time.  If you do not wish to upload your work now, you will receive an automatic acceptance to present this same research in Rochester in 2022. 

Kate Oestreich (NCSA’s Co-Director of Electronic Communications) will be collecting, organizing, and posting all of the conference-related electronic files.  Here are the instructions and timeline, should you wish to upload your work to our password-protected site:

By Midnight Tuesday, 3/24: If you wish to share a paper in document form, please click this link to upload your doc, docx, rtf, or pdf (no Mac pages files) to Kate’s Dropbox folder. In your paper document, make sure you include your full name, university affiliation, and paper title. Add 5 keywords to your document above paper title so we can easily arrange papers into groups. Please name your file “2020 NCSA Pres Last Name Two Word Title” (e.g., 2020 NCSA Pres Oestreich Eyre COVE”).

If you would like to share a video of you giving your presentation, please email a link to your YouTube video (must be public, may be unlisted) to her at Disclaimer: We cannot accept video files. We will not post videos of poor quality or if the link doesn’t work. In your email, make sure you include your full name, university affiliation, and paper title.

Directions to save video and send YouTube link:

  1. Record your video (Screencast-o-Matic is easy and free), name it, and save it your computer OR to the cloud in a folder that you can find later.
  2. Open a browser and visit Sign in with your personal Google email account OR choose Create Account to access YouTube services.  
  3. Beside your Account Bubble in the top right corner, click on the “Create a Video” button and choose “Upload Video.”  
  4. Open the folder where you saved your video and drag and drop the file to the upload box. Keep the video listed as “Unlisted” (preferable, if you want to restrict those who can view it to people who have the link) or “Public.” If you make it “Private,” we cannot share your video.
  5. After your video finishes uploading, click “Publish.”  You will be able to obtain the URL when publishing is complete. Copy the URL link.
  6. Paste the URL into an email to  Double check your URL to make sure the link works as intended.
  7. Send email.

Beginning Wednesday, 3/25: We will post a digital program and invite all conference participants to log into the NCSA website to view and comment on presentations and papers.  Papers and presentations will be available for one week. 

We are processing conference registration refunds for everyone, unless you requested your registration payment be converted into a donation to NCSA.  These refunds should be processed by the end of the month.  Susan Cook, NCSA President, will also write letters confirming conference acceptance for those who have requested such letters.  In addition, both the MLA and the APA have just this past week described how presenters may indicate a canceled conference presentation on their CVs.  

We are heartened by the emails of support from so many of you—on behalf of all of us who put so much of our time into this conference, thank you.

NCSA Officers and 2020 Conference Organizers