The Nineteenth Century Studies Association announces the establishment of a Student Travel Grant of $500 to support the presentation of a paper by a student and accepted for a session at the annual meeting of the society. The award check will be presented at the conference, and the travel grant recipient will be recognized at the Business Meeting and in conference literature.

The student’s paper proposal must have been accepted, and it must be presented by the author at the conference in person. The completed paper must be submitted at the time of application for the Student Travel Grant, and must be authored by the graduate student who is presenting; co-authored papers are not eligible. The paper must be unpublished and cannot have been presented at another conference.

The student must be enrolled full-time at the graduate or undergraduate level at an accredited college or university, and must travel more than 250 miles in order to attend the conference. The student must register for the conference and participate fully in its activities.

Only one grant per year is anticipated, so all applicants for this grant will be competing for limited travel support. Our expectation is that all students who submit paper proposals agree to attend and present the paper when their proposal is accepted, regardless of whether or not a travel grant is later awarded.

Conference presenters may only apply for one conference travel award in a given year.

January 15, 2024

To Apply
Students with accepted proposals should fill out the Travel Grant Application and submit it along with the completed paper to the Chair of the Faculty Development and Travel Awards Committee, A. Maggie Hazard, by January 15, 2024 at

The final decision regarding the award will be announced by January 31st, 2024.

All submissions via email will be acknowledged.

A. Maggie Hazard
Chair of the Faculty Development and Travel Awards Committee

Previous Recipients

Aaron Wang, University of Iowa, “Delacroix’s Reinvention of the Past in The Death of Sardanapalus

Em Nordling, Emory University, “Punch-Drunk Mr. Brooke and the Carnivalization of Political Discourse in Middlemarch”, 2022 NCSA Conference in Rochester, New York.

Mary Gryctko, “‘Girls for Sale:’ William Stead, Nicholas Kristof, and Nineteenth-Century Origins of Twenty-first-Century ‘Trafficking’ Narratives,” 2020 NCSA Conference in Rochester, New York.